1. Why should I sign up for an account?

Response: It helps us to determine if you are a repeat buyer.  We are also looking at a possible rewards program in the future. This also helps us to see what your buying trends are and we can use that information to help us in our selection of pallets to purchase.

2. Why were these items returned?

Response: Items are returned for a number of reasons.  They can be from buyer remorse (found it cheaper somewhere else, changed their mind), missing item, wrong color, wrong size (too big, too small), item damaged (scratch, dent, rubbed marks, broken).

3. What does it mean when you say "New, Open Box"?

Response: This means the box was open, damaged or missing but the item maybe sealed in the packaging (plastic bag) or the item shows no sign of usage.

4. Can we inspect the items before paying?

Response: Yes, that is why we don't offer shipping and we have been successful selling through Marketplace and OfferUp as pickup only.  Our 5 star ratings reflect on our ability to make sure every buys is comfortable with their purchase.

5. Why don't you offer shipping instead of pickup only?

Response: Because of the conditions are not always new, we prefer you to inspect the item to make sure it meets your expectations. Plus, by offering shipping it would also increase your cost and take away from the time that we have to post additional items.

6.  If we purchase multiple item, can we get a discount?

Response:  It Depends on the items and the quantity of items you are looking to purchase.  Another factor that helps is if you are a repeat buyer.

7.  Do you deliver or can you meet halfway?

Response: We don't have delivery or meetups. Because both our time and your time are valuable, we prefer the pickup to be at our location.

9.  Do you offer Porch Pickup?

Response: Typically no, since we want you to inspect the item.  If it is someone that has done many purchases, we would discuss and determine for each purchase.  Just depends on the circumstances.

10. How often do you purchase new pallets?

Response: Our typical timeline is every 2-3 weeks in purchasing the pallet, and then it takes about a couple days to start posting the items.  Everyday to every other day there are new items added to our store.

11. If we are looking for a specific item, can you notify us if you get one from a  new pallet?

Response: The best way it to check out our store every day.  In the Shop all button, you can sort by 'date new to old'.  Another option is to email us to see if we may have the item but just haven't gotten around to checking and posting it yet. If we have it, and we know that you are interested in it, we will push that item to the top of the list to check.

12. How will we get notified that you have gotten new pallets and that new items will be added to this store?

Response: Same response as #11 and we are averaging new pallet purchase every 2-3 weeks.  We are also working on ways to advertise new pallet purchases, through different services. However, because there are a lot of items in each pallet and it takes time to inspect everything, we are constantly posting new items.

13. Is there a return policy?

Response: All sales are final.  The only exception is with electronic devices if they stop working within 2 days.  If the item was factory sealed, then we do not open to check since we have sold the item as new.  Any open items, we will have you inspect the product and also check any electronics to make sure they are functioning.

14.  Since most items have an inventory of only one, what happens if two or more people try to buy the same item?

Response: Here is the link below that will direct you to the Shopify Community Page.  There was too much info to copy and paste.